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In other news: AXS listed the first single stock leverage and inverse ETNs in the US last week. Single stock leverage and inverse ETNs have been in Europe since December There are two issuers, Leverage Shares and Graniteshares ETFs issuing ETPs on single securities.

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ETFGI data below as of the end of June. SEC commissioner Caroline Crenshaw said regulatory changes adopted in had relaxed the approval process for new ETFs but policymakers had not anticipated the updated rules would pave the way for leveraged single-stock ETFs. Matthews Asia, an asset management firm known for its mutual funds dedicated mainly to Asian markets, listed three active — fully transparent ETFs that are similar to three of its existing mutual funds that focus on global emerging markets, Asia and China.

Last week there were 31 new listings from 20 issuers and 30 new cross-listings.

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In the first half of there have been new listings and new cross listings. Year to date new listings are and Year to date closures are ETF TV does not provide investment advice nor recommend products.

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