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Notably, the cryptoasset is still For instance, the derivatives exchange dYdX announced on June 22 that it was moving away from Starkware Layer 2 on Ethereum to become an application-specific blockchain on Cosmos. Additionally, ATOM is likely rallying in anticipation of the upcoming week's Cosmoverse conference, in which it is expected that Interchain Security will be introduced to expand upon ATOM's utility and value accrual.

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For reference, BTC's day rolling correlation to equities remains high by historical standards 0. Despite the risk-off environment, we have observed signs of accumulation among long-term holders LTH. On September 14, the total supply held by LTH, defined as BTC that has been dormant for more than days, reached a new all-time high of Tezos is a smart-contract platform that can evolve by upgrading itself without having to split "fork" the network into two different blockchains.

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Polkadot's downturn is notable considering that its main competitor, Cosmos ATOMhas appreciated significantly over the same period. The state of both ecosystems suggests that developers prefer the Cosmos SDK framework over Polkadot's Substrate.

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Another viable explanation is that Polkadot's parachain auctions and mandatory shared security via DOT may defer projects which prioritize self-sovereignty and want to ship faster. Regarding upcoming catalysts, Solana Mobile Stackan open-source software toolkit for Android that enables native Android Web 3 dApps on Solana, is expected to ship in Q1 If successful, this initiative could help onboard millions of people onto the network.

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FTT provides various benefits to users of the FTX crypto exchange. Hence, it should be no surprise to see further selling pressure in the coming weeks. Notwithstanding, various exciting developments are occurring in Aave, like " GHO " — a native, decentralized, and fully-collateralized stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.

This past week, we also saw Aave trifle with the untapped derivatives market by revealing ShortAavewhich will be a one-stop shop to open short positions on the platform by borrowing from Aave and swapping on Uniswap in one go.

Tacobell is also partnering with Decentraland to offer US couples the chance to have a virtual wedding.

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Although the Merge is arguably one of the most positive developments in recent years, the overall macro uncertainty has triggered the current valuation retracement not just in crypto with the last CPI numbers.

Additionally, investors were positioned overly optimistic in anticipation of the Merge, as proved by the millions of dollars in liquidations over the past week. However, it will certainly have to be battle-tested, especially as new competitors enter the market.

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On September 13, a consortium of leading broker-dealers, global market makers and venture capital firms announced the launch of EDX Markets EDXMa first-of-its-kind exchange that will address latent demand for cryptoasset trading by enabling safe and compliant trading of cryptoassets through trusted intermediaries. The Sandbox made headlines this month by bringing the first Singaporean company into its metaverse.

Singapore's largest bank, DBSis set to acquire land in the gamified metaverse to build new services with its clients.

  • KGaA, which specializes in investments in digital assets and blockchain technology, invests in Damex.
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Renault South Korea also partnered with The Sandbox to provide its users with an innovative automobile experience in the virtual world. On a more optimistic note, Avalanche made headlines on September 13 when it was reported that private equity giant KKR would tokenize a portion of its second Health Care Strategic Growth Fund on Avalanche.

As Fantom is a smaller cap Layer 1 network, we should expect it to have a higher beta. In May, Fantom also underwent an upgrade dubbed SnapSync that lowered gas fees and led to faster transaction finality.

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